Download Merleau-Ponty at the Limits of Art, Religion, and Perception by Neal DeRoo, Kascha Semonovitch PDF

By Neal DeRoo, Kascha Semonovitch

This ebook poses the query of what lies on the restrict of philosophy. via shut reports of French phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty's lifestyles and paintings, the authors study one of many 20th century's such a lot interdisciplinary philosophers whose inspiration intersected with and contributed to the practices of artwork, psychology, literature, religion and philosophy. As those essays exhibit, Merleau-Ponty's oeuvre disrupts conventional disciplinary barriers and activates his readers to invite what, precisely, constitutes philosophy and its others.
Featuring essays via a world workforce of prime phenomenologists, artwork theorists, theologians, historians of philosophy, and philosophers of brain, this quantity breaks new floor in Merleau-Ponty scholarship—including the 1st sustained reflections at the courting among Merleau-Ponty and religion—and magnifies a voice that's talked-over in too many conversations around the educational disciplines. somebody attracted to phenomenology, artwork conception and historical past, cognitive technology, the philosophy of brain, and the philosophy of faith will locate themselves challenged and engaged by means of the articles incorporated during this very important attempt at inter-disciplinary philosophy.

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Download Collected Works of C.G. Jung, Volume 09 Part 2 Aion: by C. G. Jung PDF

By C. G. Jung

Aion, initially released in German in 1951, is likely one of the significant works of Jung's later years. The relevant subject of the quantity is the symbolic illustration of the psychic totality during the thought of the Self, whose conventional old identical is the determine of Christ. Jung demonstrates his thesis by means of an research of the Allegoria Christi, specially the fish image, but in addition of Gnostic and alchemical symbolism, which he treats as phenomena of cultural assimilation. the 1st 4 chapters, at the ego, the shadow, and the anima and animus, offer a important summation of those key options in Jung's process of psychology.

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Download Play as Symbol of the World: And Other Writings by Eugen Fink, Ian Alexander Moore, Christopher Turner PDF

By Eugen Fink, Ian Alexander Moore, Christopher Turner

Eugen Fink is taken into account one of many clearest interpreters of phenomenology and used to be the popular conversational companion of Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger. In Play as image of the area, Fink bargains an unique phenomenology of play as he makes an attempt to appreciate the area in the course of the event of play. He affirms the philosophical value of play, why it really is greater than idle leisure, and displays at the flow from "child's play" to "cosmic play." recognized for its nontechnical, literary sort, this skillful translation by way of Ian Alexander Moore and Christopher Turner invitations engagement with Fink's philosophy of play and comparable writings on activities, fairs, and historic cult practices.

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Download Entre Nous : Thinking-of-the-Other by Emmanuel Levinas PDF

By Emmanuel Levinas

Emmanuel Levinas is likely one of the most crucial figures of twentieth-century philosophy. Exerting a profound effect upon such thinkers as Derrida, Lyotard, Blanchot, and Irigaray, Levinas's paintings bridges a number of significant gaps within the evolution of continental philosophy--between glossy and postmodern, phenomenology and poststructuralism, ethics and ontology. he's credited with having spurred a revitalized curiosity in ethics-based philosophy all through Europe and America.
Entre Nous (Between Us) is the fruits of Levinas's philosophy. released in France many years ahead of his dying, it gathers his most vital paintings and divulges the improvement of his proposal over approximately 40 years of dedicated inquiry. in addition to numerous trenchant interviews released right here, those essays interact with problems with anguish, love, faith, tradition, justice, human rights, and criminal thought. Taken jointly, they represent a key to Levinas's rules at the moral dimensions of otherness.
Working from the phenomenological approach to Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger, Levinas driven past the bounds in their framework to argue that it truly is ethics, no longer ontology, that orients philosophy, and that accountability precedes reasoning. Ethics for Levinas potential accountability on the subject of distinction. all through his paintings, Levinas returns to the metaphor of the face of the opposite to debate how and the place accountability enters our lives and makes philosophy beneficial. For Levinas, ethics starts with our head to head interplay with one other person--seeing that individual no longer as a mirrored image of one's self, nor as a hazard, yet as diversified and larger than self. Levinas strikes the reader to acknowledge the consequences of this interplay: our abiding accountability for the opposite, and our situation with the other's agony and death.
Situated on the crossroads of a number of philosophical faculties and ways, Levinas's paintings illuminates a number of serious concerns and has chanced on resonances between scholars and students of literature, legislation, faith, and politics. Entre Nous is straight away the apotheosis of his paintings and an available advent to it. in any case, Levinas's pressing meditations upon the face of the opposite recommend a brand new beginning upon which to understand the character of excellent and evil within the tangled skein of our lives.

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Download Phenomenology, Science, and Geography: Spatiality and the by John Pickles PDF

By John Pickles

1 technological know-how and man
2 technology and phenomenology
3 The plan of this work
4 'Geographical phenomenology'
5 The disciplinary context

Geographical discourse and its important themes
6 simple recommendations of technological know-how and the tactic acceptable to ontology
7 Objectivism and subjectivism
8 Positivism and naturalism
8a The a-historical nature of positivism
8b The Enlightenment and positivism
8c Naturalism and idealism
9 Kantian ontology of fabric nature
10 Conceptions of actual area and geography
10a The emergence of geography as an summary, theoretical science
10b Social physics
11 actual area, cognitive behaviouralism and the flip to subjectivity
12 The mode of being attribute of geographical objects

The interpretation of phenomenology in geography
13 The phenomenological foundation of geography
14 Geographical phenomenology
14a Phenomenology and sensible research
15 ways to geographical phenomenology
15a the mandatory contrast among humanism and geography
15b Existentialism
16 The view of science
16a Phenomenology as criticism
16b Phenomenology as anti-science
16c The foundational position of phenomenology
16d Phenomena of lived experience
17 The flip to the lifeworld, and the anomaly of floor and object
18 The phenomenological method
18a Intentionality

Geographical phenomenology: a critique of its foundations
19 The metaphysics of geographical phenomenology
20 Humanism and the confusion of the 'objective' and the 'subjective'
20a Subjectivity and intentionality
20b Individualism
20c The 'things themselves', 'consciousness' and 'the challenge of the target world'
2od Idealism
21 Geographical phenomenology: its inner critique
21a Phenomenology and standards of validity
22 The flip to Schiitz's constitutive phenomenology and justifying a go back to Husserl

Husserlian phenomenology: the foundational project
23 what's phenomenology?
23a Phenomenology: its origins and foundations
23b The usual attitude
23c Empirical technological know-how and natural science
23d unique intuition
23c Phenomena and intentionality
24 the necessity for phenomenology
24a The concern of distance among technological know-how and life
24b The critique of the optimistic sciences
24c The constitution of the area and 'objects' of science
24d Phenomenology and the guiding concept of science

Phenomenology, technological know-how and phenomenological geography
25 Descriptive phenomenology and science
25a Sciences of truth and sciences of essence
25b Descriptive phenomenology
26 Phenomenology, technological know-how and lifeworld
26a The lifeworld ontology
26b The sciences and the lifeworld
26c The technology of the lifeworld
26d Lifeworld and transcendental phenomenology

Towards a primary ontology of science
27 Phenomenology and a basic ontology of science
28 technology and objectivation in geography
28a How does theoretical discovery arise?
28b the typical global and the theoretical attitude
29 the advance of technological know-how and the concept that of 'progress'
30 Human technological know-how and objectification
31 Rigour and exactitude in science
32 thought and its succeed in and carry over nature and world
33 technology and the lived world

Implications for the human sciences and a human technological know-how of geography
34 Phenomenology
35 Phenomenology and the technology of geography
36 in the direction of a proper projective human science
37 Husserl and human science
38 in the direction of a proper and a priori 'mathesis of spiritand of humanity'
39 The existential analytic and the human sciences
40 The existential analytic and the 'natural belief of the world' (or lifeworld)

Towards an realizing of human spatiality
41 Geography, international and space
42 global and worldhood
43 Space
43a The technological view of space
43b The spatiality of the present-at-hand
44 the standard mode of being-in-the-world
45 The spatiality of the ready-to-hand: locations and regions
46 area and science
47 Man's spatiality
48 house and man's spatiality
49 position and house: implications for a nearby ontology of spatiality for a geographical human technological know-how

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Download El Movimiento De La Existencia Humana by Jan Patocka, Teresa Padilla PDF

By Jan Patocka, Teresa Padilla

«La fenomenología no es una filosofía de escuela dedicada al cultivo de una tradición académica; tampoco una filosofía que quiera afirmar su vitalidad contribuyendo a cambiar el mundo -o sea, no es filosofía revolucionaria ni aspira a serlo-. Ella es más bien meditación, y meditación justamente sobre l. a. obstacle. (...) En est

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Download Testing the Limit: Derrida, Henry, Levinas, and the by François-David Sebbah PDF

By François-David Sebbah

In exploring the character of extra relative to a phenomenology of the restrict, trying out the restrict claims that phenomenology itself is an exploration of extra. What does it suggest that "the self" is "given"? may still we see it as originary; or particularly, in what manner is the self engendered from textual practices that transgress—or hover round and accordingly within—the threshold of phenomenologial discourse? this can be the 1st e-book to incorporate Michel Henry in a triangulation with Derrida and Levinas and the 1st to critique Levinas at the foundation of his interpolation of philosophy and faith. Sebbah claims that the textual origins of phenomenology make certain, of their temporal rhythms, the character of the subjectivation on which they concentration. He situates those issues in the broader photograph of the kingdom of up to date French phenomenology (chiefly the legacy of Merleau-Ponty), with a view to express that those 3 thinkers percentage a definite "family resemblance," the id of which unearths anything concerning the lines of different phenomenological households. it truly is by means of trying out the restrict in the context of conventional phenomenological issues concerning the visual appeal of subjectivity and ipseity that Derrida, Henry, and Levinas notably think again phenomenology and that French phenomenology assumes its current shape.

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Download Aesthetics as Phenomenology: The Appearance of Things by Günter Figal PDF

By Günter Figal

Connecting aesthetic adventure with our adventure of nature or with different cultural artifacts, Aesthetics as Phenomenology specializes in what paintings potential for cognition, attractiveness, and affect—how paintings alterations our daily disposition or habit. Günter Figal engages in a penetrating research of the instant at which, in our contemplation of a piece of paintings, response and idea confront one another. For these informed within the visible arts and for extra informal audience, Figal unmasks artwork as a decentering event that opens additional probabilities for figuring out our lives and our global.

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Download The Challenge of Bergsonism: Phenomenology, Ontology, Ethics by Leonard Lawlor PDF

By Leonard Lawlor

The good effect of the paintings of Henri Bergson on modern philosophy is barely now changing into transparent. a part of this renaissance in Bergsonism is because of Gilles Deleuze and Emmanuel Levinas, either one of whom have stated Bergson as an thought for his or her philosophy. Bergson's key philosophical idea is "duration", which encompasses either reminiscence and existence. "The problem of Bergsonism" analyses this important yet advanced inspiration via a detailed interpreting of 1 of Bergson's key works, "Matter and Memory", surroundings it within the broader context of Bergson's writings. The textual content explores how Bergsonism questions our methods of pondering, really the idea that of truth, and eventually calls for a go back to ethics. it is also an English translation of Jean Hyppolite's hugely influential essay, "Various elements of reminiscence in Bergson".

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